We are properly passionate about property

Choose a Conveyancer to attend to your property transfer who has dealt with all aspects of Conveyancing from sales as in house estate agents, developers, bond brokers and transferring attorneys.

At MH Attorneys we will assist with your property transactions from purchase to transfer.

When to contact my Conveyancer

Before you even start looking to buy we will assist and walk alongside you for complete peace of mind. "Prevention is better than cure". Assisting to assess affordability as well as keeping an eye open for loop holes.

We will draw up your offer to purchase and check the pitfalls of all the new legislation regulating property.

What is the role of the estate agent?

There are so many knowledgeable estate agents with years of experience and we hope you encounter one of them when buying a home. The Estate agent is obliged to advise on the property and what it offers and can only convey the information that the Seller has given him/her.

Your estate agent should not have to advise you on any legal issues and therefore you need a good attorney to assist.